8-27-2013 Back from “vacation”

So yeah… Wow…

Ok, but the point of this post is, I went to the doctor’s with my boyfriend and a guy had a seizure and my boyfriend made sure he was ok. Is it possible that I fell in love even more with him? Oh… oh yes it is.

Anyway, I also made a lot of decisions whilst being at the hospital. One: draw more. My boyfriend was looking at my cartoons and agreed that I should really start doing it more so I could start a strip.

Then I also decided to go back to college for the 5th time… and start going to al-anon with one of my friends.

I don’t really feel like saying anything else right now since I’m still feeling poopy from earlier. (Oh yeah, the reason I went to the hospital was because of my left ovary and my stomach problems… and I haven’t ran in about 3 days, which is going to change in a few hours.)


About vagabondrunning

I am a 23 year old female alcoholic attempting to get healthy for the millionth time. I'm a baker at a donut shop, so there's temptation everywhere. I'm also a writer and I move a lot. I'm just a whole lot of insane.
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