8-22-2013 The Last Shift

I had planned on sending in my two weeks in the next 7 days, but after this last shift I couldn’t stand one more day at that place. For the past couple months I’ve felt my whole head space change. I went from bubbly and always excited about the next day to feeling tired, drained and hateful.

The place I work has been such a poisonous place. Everyone has a terrible attitude because they think they deserve more than they’re getting and something of them really do. I was there for 2 months when I got my raise and made more than almost everyone there.

The workload was enough to deal with, I could do that despite my wrist hurting every once in awhile. But when I walked in today and one of the clerks told me that they were watching the cameras and accusing me of lying – about what, I still don’t know – I lost any respect for the place.

After she had told me of the accusation, the assistant manager came in and cleaned a little but also talked to me and my decorator telling us we were going to make us lose the phone privilege that we had, which isn’t true because we still get done early every single time. He also said we were getting written up, but failed to give us a solid reason. Before my decorator came in, he had said: “I don’t even care if she gets written up, but you’re one of the best bakers we have so I don’t want you to.”

But then he flipped completely when she came in. Everyone had told me he was two-faced and I already knew from experience but I didn’t realize how pathetic he was.

Then I found out that the owners of the store had been using the stores money to go on a vacation every month, instead of fixing the problems we had around the store… Like getting a new fryer and proof box and maybe better mixing equipment.

The night before this last one, one of the ex-employees came in and started throwing donuts at me. It was stupid and immature, and I found out he had been telling me to make extra of everything, not so they would always have enough but, because he wanted to take the ugliest of pastries and show the general manager how terrible of a job I did.

I told the GM that I wanted to quit. I’m not changing my mind. I’m not willing to stay in a place that I dread. I need to get my positive attitude back and it won’t be here.


About vagabondrunning

I am a 23 year old female alcoholic attempting to get healthy for the millionth time. I'm a baker at a donut shop, so there's temptation everywhere. I'm also a writer and I move a lot. I'm just a whole lot of insane.
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