7-25-2013 I’m Aware I Didn’t Post Yesterday

So much drama… But guess who got a raise at work? So apparently I’m getting paid more than the decorators and one of the bakers who’s been there for over a year. I’ve only been there about 3 months…

“All you have to do is YOUR JOB. I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to just do that.” said my boss. 

OW! Ok, my elbow is bothering me. French the llama, it’s pulsating pain! 

MOVING ON, GEEZ! Yesterday I did this video and this one, oh snap! I however did not manage to run, what with the ridiculously unnecessary amount of drama. Seriously, it was stupid and I don’t remember a time where I was more pissed off than last night. So tonight I’m gonna force my boyfriend to run with me.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it but he and I made a bet where he wasn’t allowed to bring up my drinking (because he talks about it all the timefor an entire week. He went a day without mentioning it, so NOW HE OWES ME A GIANT BOWL OF SALAD! That’s right, because I know how to make bets.

Anyways, last night we talked about my drinking again. It was unnecessary but guess who has to quit drinking a couple weeks earlier than planned to appease her boyfriend? This will probably be a problem later in our relationship, but I’m rolling with the punches, I guess.

All right, so I have to do this and this and of course, this video before I cook up something for my boyfriend and force him to run with me.

Oh, also!!! I finally got a gym membership yesterday! I don’t know if anyone’s heard of Bally… Hahahahaha, just kidding, everyone’s heard of Bally Fitness, man! Anyway, it’s a really awesome facility with a bunch of machines, and since we’re usually night time workout folk, my boyfriend and I have a lot more options than people who go there right after work.

I talked to this guy named Lewis who was putting my membership together and asked him about what qualifications one would need if they wanted to work as a personal trainer. He basically said you’d need certification (something I’m working toward), and you’d just need to look the part.

Speaking of other work possibilities, a guy wants to hire me to walk his dogs for $300 a week, which is crazy because I don’t even make that much in a week at my baking job now. I’m definitely going for it.

Until next time.


About vagabondrunning

I am a 23 year old female alcoholic attempting to get healthy for the millionth time. I'm a baker at a donut shop, so there's temptation everywhere. I'm also a writer and I move a lot. I'm just a whole lot of insane.
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