7-18-2013 Bubble Booty and Sausages, oh my!

I’m gonna keep this short because I really want to get to the gym and finally get a membership… Plus my boyfriend looks really freaking hot when he works out – Muscles bulging, sweat dripping… I mean, come on. That’s the real reason we go to the gym, right?

That’s a lie.

Woke up at 6:00am, got ready for work, went to work and once again created something new. We have a vegan cake batter mix and we put dehydrated strawberry bits in it. Then we topped it with cheesecake icing and strawberry drizzle. My boss asked if I wanted to split one with him. Honestly, how can you resist something like that? It was all kinds of awesome.

“It’s like a party in my mouth! This is art!” I exclaimed when I had my first bite. NOTE: Just because it’s vegan, does not make it healthy… Not even a little bit. Suffice it to say, I love my job.

Moving on, throughout the day my wrist was bothering me. That’s fairly standard with me, and I have no idea if it’s got anything to do with lack of vitamins and/or nutrients, or my wrist just sucks, but I made it through the day.

When I got back I PIGGED OUT, MAN! I had about half a big bag of those salsa verde Doritos and a Tina’s burrito, as well as a pint of some terrible beer that my boyfriend bought awhile ago. Then I watched My Drunk Kitchen until I passed out… So I got half an episode in.

I woke up around 7pm and texted the boyfriend to congratulate him on getting through one of his presentations as well as ask him WHEN THE FRANK HE WOULD BE BACK SO I COULD KNOW IF I HAD TIME FOR A WORKOUT.

Side question: Do the random text shouts annoy anyone? 

I had time to do this video and this one before he walked in on me doing this butt video. He ended up doing the grasshoppers at the end with me and let me tell you, THEY KILL! I usually feel really embarrassed when I workout in front of him – mostly because I’m usually in my sports bra, which shows le flabby belly – but he has this weird mutant power where lately being around him, no matter what I’m wearing, makes me feel so confident!

Yesterday when we went to the grocery store, I wanted to wear the shirt I got from the Rave Run I did back in the beginning of May. My boyfriend noticed that for once I wasn’t wearing something super baggy. GASP! He said he really liked the way I looked and I should wear form fitting clothes more often… Soooo I wore something a little more form fitting at work today. I barely had time to feel self conscious but even walking home I felt pretty flippin’ good!

After the videos, my boo and I had dinner. I fixed him up some fish and sweet potato fries, while I had a sausage cut up and fried, fermented pineapple juice that we discovered when he pulled out the pineapple from the fridge, sweet potato fries and this awesome edamame/quinoa mix of things.

We still have a 20 minute run to do, which should be fun.. Or it would be if I wasn’t such a little wuss… I do this whole run until my lungs want to rip their way out of my body, then walk until I don’t feel like I’m dying. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Yesternight he actually pointed out that my skin felt a lot smoother and said, “Is it just me or are you looking skinnier?” Again with the ego boosts. Now that I have a workout partner, I’m going to vow to be able to lift heavier than him. “Good luck with that” he said.

All right, I need to go love on him now and then head to get a membership and run. Woot. I’m. So. Excited. K BYE!

[Oh, by the way, I’m getting my hair cut soon. It’s gonna be a bit wild… says the girl with blue hair.]


About vagabondrunning

I am a 23 year old female alcoholic attempting to get healthy for the millionth time. I'm a baker at a donut shop, so there's temptation everywhere. I'm also a writer and I move a lot. I'm just a whole lot of insane.
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2 Responses to 7-18-2013 Bubble Booty and Sausages, oh my!

  1. New reader here. Sounds like a good day.

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